Author Topic: Substance painter freezes my computer and crashes when baking high poly-AMD/GPU-  (Read 978 times)

Hello, everyone,

Im having problems baking in substance painter, I have a 25k low poly character with different texture sets and most of the pieces won't bake because substance painter freezes my entire pc while baking the details from my high poly to my low poly. I have cut up the mesh into five separate materials/UV sets but the only thing that will bake is the helmet high poly which is less than 3 5 million polys (and that is if I bake it alone). Pieces like the armor, weapon, and suit low polys freeze when baking the high poly information from ZBrush,  any high poly mesh above 15 million polys cause my entire pc to freeze and essentially crash forcing me to restart my pc everytime which shouldn't happen.

I have done multiple tests with decreasing the output resolution, messing with the settings, and i have also tried baking maps individually but the result is the same. When I import and bake high poly maps larger than 15 million substance freezes and windows along with it.

I have tried baking using the same low and high poly meshes with Xnormal and marmoset and in both instances, the baking went well for all the meshes with no crashing or freezing occurring while baking. This is a workaround i found but it makes it very inconvenient since baking in substance easier and less time-consuming.

At this point, my assumption is that my AMD hardware is somehow incompatible with substance painter. Since I have rolled back my substance painter version and tried to rebake - to be hit with the same freezing results. I did read on the release notes that say substance painter runs into computational issues with AMD hardware which amkes it really inconvenient for people running AMD PC'S but i hope that's, not the case.

Here are my specs:-

AMD FX 8320 8 core 3.5Ghz processor
16 gigs ram
2 x AMD Radeon R9 290x GPU's

I hope I can get some help fixing this issue.

Would you be able to send us a sample of these meshes that crash on your side? (high poly and low poly)