Author Topic: Export 16bit EXR textures (with compression)  (Read 3018 times)

Hi.  Just wanting to put in a request for exporting textures from Painter at 16bit in exr format. Currently we are only able to export @ 32bits(?).

16bit exr is a standard image format in VFX work. Right now we'll need to convert 32bit textures to 16bit as a second step during export.

As part of this request I'd also like to mention support for various exr compression types. Eg.Mari supports exr compression with these options via scripting:

Zip (1 scanline)
Zip (16 scanlines)
PIZ Wavelet (32 scalines)

(our preference is to export with Zip (16 scanlines) compression.

Thanks for listening and best regards,
Stu Tozer

Still no 16bit exr support.  :(
CG generalist at @digi_fix animation studio located in Osaka, Japan.

I would like to see EXR compression and 16bit options as well. EXR with lossless compression is way better and smaller than other file formats. It's even faster to write to disk! Check this out:

Also someone created a feedback/idea that you can vote: