Author Topic: baked lighting filter improvement suggestions...  (Read 1260 times)


I would love love love it if the baked lighting filter could get some extra features...

No.1 in my list would be a 'bake down normals' option.  Currently, if i paint any extra normal information that arent included in the normal map, these wont get included in the baked result, so i have to export all the normals, reimport them and create another world normals map - which is a real pain.  (and you have to keep track of which layers you need to keep turning on and off.

No.2 would be the ability to add an extra light or two, at the moment just having 2 lights means that its practically impossible to get a result that looks globally lit from all directions

thanks :-D

We're working on something that should help :)

It would be super useful to be able to export my settings as preset if at all possible? Let's assume I have many objects and I want them to get the same lighting/color treatment.... currently I have to do it all by hand and recreate the same settings.

Def. agree on the preset thing. Also noticed that with the latest version the lights were removed from the enviroment filter. I used the lights there to make some adjustments since the enviroments not always perfectly illuminate the parts I need.
What should I do for that? Add a second Stylized filter and use its lights? Not having presets and now having to setup 2 different filters instead of 1 is not helping a lot, not to mention normal maps re-importing and maps re-baking its becoming pretty cumbersome. Would really love some more improvements for this features soon.

yep - id second that Martin