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I got to ask one more question, which is taking my mind for quite a while. I'm getting a new Pc in a month or so, allready preordered a single 2080TI RTX Nvidia GPU and I'm in a little confusion what is the next priority goal for the substance designer.
I'm making a huge complex graphs right now, using ~40-50 gigs of ram mostly, what hardware can you recommend? What are the priority specs for:
1. Ram - frequency vs timings?
2. CPU - frequency vs cores amount(i9 9900k vs threadripper 2, actually)? 
What would squeeze more speed out from a huge SD graphs?

Thanks for your time,
Jonh K
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These are not real specific answers, but based on general reading of hardware review (analysis) sites, here are my thoughts...

RAM - "Standard" memory speeds are fine.  When you try to get extra-fast memory, the cost increases a lot, but the real-world benefits range from small to miniscule.  So unless you buy low-end memory, frequency-vs-timings is an interesting tehcnial research puzzle, but really doesn't matter.

CPU - That depends on the software you use.  Are your favorite applications well multi-threaded or single (or dual) threaded?  I'm a bit of an Intel fan, but not a rabid fanboy.  I have to admit the AMD Threadripper CPUs can deliver some stunning performance at a good price.  For Substance Painter and Designer, the GPU is 90% of the answer, and with a 2080Ti you'll be in great shape regardless of which of the two CPUs you select.

I will point you to my favorite hardware review site:
What I like is they are very big on actual data, which they keep pretty much separate from their opinions.  They are not just an "unboxing" review type of place.  In the top banner, there is a link to "Bench" were you can pull up benchmark results for CPUs, GPUs, and more.  And you can pick two products for side-by-side comparisons.
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Hi Justviking, thanks for your reply. I need a build only for the Substance Designer needs. I tryed to emphasize the usage of a massive RAM pool while working on a huge graphs that will eat 70-80% of the 64 gigs. So, this is not a tupical scenario for the game tests that are mostly present on hardware sites and I'm affraid that I can not mess around with the ram or CPU specs on my work pc right now for the sake of tests. Just looking for a person who solved this question allready =) 
Thanks again/
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