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The problem I'm specifically running into is that Noise nodes do not contain inputs to drive parameters like Scale.

At this point I think it may not be possible to map these parameters via other nodes at all currently? I haven't been able to find any resources or methods to accomplish it. I've looked into exposing the parameter, FX-Maps, and setting a function for parameters like Scale but I can't find a way to have another node/texture drive the parameter.

The use-case would be to arbitrarily map these types of parameters from other nodes, preferably by just plugging a node/texture's output into an input. For instance, plug the B&W output of one Perlin noise node into the Scale input of another Perlin noise node. I use this constantly for quickly creating complex patterns in Houdini, Redshift, Cycles, Octane, Unreal, etc.

But I cannot find any way to accomplish this is Substance Designer? Assuming I haven't completely missed functionality here this would certainly be a huge workflow gain for me and I suspect many others.

Sorry, it is indeed currently not possible to make any given input parameter vary per texel based on an input texture (for performance reasons).
In some cases (maybe not with noises), it may be possible to recreate your own version of that node using a Pixel Processor using sampler nodes to read in an input texture rather than exposing a constant parameter.
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Appreciate the quick response! Any insight into whether this has been discussed relative to roadmap or it's not on the radar currently?