Author Topic: Performance Boost with RTX 2080 Ti  (Read 1514 times)

So, I know that the 1080Ti is one of the most suitable cards to use with Painter. But is there any plan to support the newer RTX cards? If I buy the 2080Ti card, will the current build be able to use the extra performance boost from it?

It's way too early for us to discuss that subject at the moment.
If we have plans, we will communicate about it in due time.
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Based on Froyok's reply, I recommend:
a) Wait for some reliable benchmarks to be released
b) Simply treat the 2080/2080Ti like a normal "new card" that is probably 15-20% faster than the one it replaces
c) If you are not in a position to benefit from RTX right now, the assumption is that the cost is not worth it if you already have a GTX 1080 or 1080Ti.

Too bad the RTX 2080 doesn't have at least 12GB on the 2080 and 16GB on the 2080Ti.  People doing heavy animation work might buy the card for the extra VRAM.
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Considering my budget, I might consider getting the RTX 2070 if there's enough benchmark evidence that it outperforms the GTX 1080 (or even the GTX 1080 ti) and the GTX 1070 ti in 3D rendering tasks especially in Substance Painter's IRay renderer.

But ya until it gets the support I'm still sticking with my GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.
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