Author Topic: Hand painted information not exporting correctly  (Read 280 times)

Hey, Im having some pretty severe issues with SP 2018.1.3. Basically, I have finished my texturing and it all looks great in the viewport. However when I go to export, some of my hand painted details are way off. The exported maps dont match what going on with the substancepainter UV view. Its as though the brush strokes substance is trying to remember are way off. Some of the hand painted detail is however correct. Its only on a couple of the udims where its incorrect. Whats stranger is that when I go to the export window and change the exported maps from 4k to 2k some of the problematic UDIMS being exported are corrected but then other UDIMS are affected.

Any ideas? Or should I just bite the bullet and repaint everything? Thanks

Could you please attach a log file?

Its hard to get any files from work since we arent directly connected to the internet from our workstations but ill see what I can do.