Author Topic: Stack N Pack - Plugin for packing texture sets by Phillip  (Read 2738 times)

I just found something cool on the internet today that might interest a few people. While I am not sharing this on their behalf, I figure this was too cool to not share here.

An artist by the name of Phillip on ArtStation is working on a plugin called Stack N Pack. What it essentially does is acts as an alternative to the built-in exporter and can take multiple texture sets and pack them into a single set. For those of you who just use multiple texture sets just to avoid painting on certian parts and want to combine them after, this might be of use to you.

There are some additional features as well which are listed in Philip's blog post here. As of writing, it's not available yet but they're looking for beta testers so if you want to give it a try, feel free to contact them.

Personally, I wished I had this before since I had to do round trips of combining texture sets from Painter to Designer in the past any time I changed something. Maybe that could be improved in the future but this plugin does the trick for now.

This is an extremely useful Plugin. I don't understand why Allegorithmic hasn't implemented such a feature, by default.
Exporting Atlas maps based on multiple materials are something that we need every day.

Thank you for the hint!
Creative mind at work...