Author Topic: 2D Zoom - Screen center location not moving when panning camera  (Read 2484 times)


In 2D mode (texture/UV) it's very hard to zoom very close to details. right now the zoom center is based on the center of the texture, so every time I zoom on some details, I have to zoom, then pan back to where I am trying to zoom.

When you try to paint details, it becomes very tedious to zoom, pan, zoom, pan...

The problem is that if I pan the texture, the zoom center reference location stays the same, when in fact it should translate as well, so that when I zoom, it uses the new screen center position, effectively allowing to zoom where I want and not bring me back toward the center of the texture.

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We changed it in the beta 12 version of Substance Painter (we just published the 12.1).
We now use the mouse click position instead of the texture center.
Lead technical artist

Great, thanks!