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Please ignore if this has already been requested/fulfilled.
Can the color selection window include a hex code field so we can enter hex values in there directly?
The ability to use RGB from 0-255 along with 0-1 would also be useful, but isn't necessary.
A color picker (dropper) that can read values from other applications would be a luxury.


EDIT: Sorry for accidentally posting this in the Substance Designer thread. Meant to post it for Substance Painter.
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I would welcome this too, the current 0 - 1 - HSV approach isn't very handy when trying to match colors with values in other apps. A hex value we can just copy / paste would be awesome.

One more for hex as it is more used by me than the the other two scales. :)
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I'd really love to have HEX codes for the color picker too!

yes it is necessery >:(

In 2020 this feature is still highly requested!

Another for hex values and standard 0-255


Hex and 0-255 sRGB please.

Can't believe this far into PBR-compliant workflows, and substance doesn't have native input values in 0-255 sRGB.