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Hello everyone. I just started to learn SD. And it gives me a lot of fun. Here I will post my latest works, done in SD.
So here is yesterday's:
And today's work:
Feel free to comment. It would be great if you'll have some suggestions.

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Great work, it looks very nice.  :)

My only tought is that the lightwork is beautiful, but to showcase this you should maybe light this more neutral, there's a lot of coloring in the orange and blue/green lights... I don't know if you see what I mean.

It's just my opinion about presentation, the work itself seems very solid!

You are definetily right. The thing is that I really love to play with lighting schemes. But yes - it would be good to provide at least few shots with neutral lighting.
And here is today's one.

Another one.
I did all these materials during the course of Daniel Thiger's Substance Fundamentals Tutorial | Part 1: Pattern Creation and Natural Scattering.
100% SD. Well, Actually 99,99 because a did some minor changes to emissive map in photoshop.
"Substance Fundamentals Tutorial | Part 2: Essential Nodes" by Daniel Thiger helped me a lot.

That house... seriously?   Awesome!
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