Author Topic: Substance constantly crashing while saving project  (Read 2197 times)

I'm constantly getting crashes when I'm trying to save project. Sometimes Substance saves succesfully but longer I work with my project it is more likely to crash. I made some layers invisible and is temporaly solved the problem but now even if I disable all layers in the project it still crashes. It is really impossible for me to work when it happens all the time.

In the screen is the message I get whe it crashes.

Thank you in advance for help.

I have this happen at home and at school (as do my other classmates, across multiple systems).  The one thing I found was that since it states it can't find the file, I just do save as... then double click the actual saved file and say yes to override it.  Save versions now and then too, just to be safe.  I just put v2, v3, etc. at the end of my file names.

@luki251, is there a way you could send us your project for us to try and repro on our side?