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When my UE4 dedicated server calls the servertravel function, an exception is thrown on line 272 of SubstanceTexture2D.cpp claiming an "Access violation writing location".
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void USubstanceTexture2D::BeginDestroy()
//Route BeginDestroy.

if (OutputCopy)
//Reset output user data
OutputCopy->mUserData = 0;

//Nullify the pointer to this texture's address so that others see it has been destroyed

//Disable the output in the parent instance
if (ParentInstance && ParentInstance->Instance)

auto ItOut = ParentInstance->Instance->getOutputs().begin();
for (; ItOut != ParentInstance->Instance->getOutputs().end(); ++ItOut)
if ((*ItOut)->mDesc.mUid == mUid)
(*ItOut)->mEnabled = false;

The exception is thrown at "OutputCopy->mUserData = 0;". It takes a few crashes and restarts to get the next map to load, but once it has successfully loaded into the next map without crashing, it doesn't happen again in that build.

I am running 4.19
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Hi @satansdildo,
We will work on a repro case and add a ticket for this bug.
Thank you for the report!  :D

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Have you found a solution for this issue ? I'm still running into it and I don't know how to fix it.

Thanks !