Author Topic: Pink meshes after update to 2018.2  (Read 1065 times)

I just updated my Substance Painter from 2018.1.? to 2018.2.1 and when i start one of my project that worked on the previous version, it only shows a pink mesh.

The "Single channel" view mods works fine, but when i want to show the "Lighting" Material view mod, pink everywhere..

I first thought it was my graphic card driver that was outdated, but even after an update it still dosn't work.

Here's what the logs show :


[Post Effects Document] Post effects have been updated from version 3 to version 5.
[Scene 3D] 3D scene successfully loaded
[Viewer settings] Viewer settings have been updated from version 8 to version 11.
[ResourceShader] ----- FS compile log -----
[ResourceShader] File index:
    0: shader-skeleton.frag.glsl
    1: shader-common.frag.glsl
    2: lib-utils.glsl
    3: lib-bayer.glsl
    4: pbr-metal-rough
    5: lib-pbr.glsl
    6: lib-vectors.glsl
    7: lib-normal.glsl
    8: lib-defines.glsl
    9: lib-env.glsl
    10: lib-random.glsl
    11: lib-emissive.glsl
    12: lib-pom.glsl
    13: lib-sampler.glsl
[ResourceShader] pbr-metal-rough:40 | 4(40) : error C1008: undefined variable "pbrComputeBRDF"
[ResourceShader] --- FS compile log END ---
[ResourceShader] Last known valid shader is currently used. Please fix the project shader.
[Paint Document] The project has been updated from version 32 to version 43.
[Baking Document] Baking data have been updated from version 5 to version 7.
[GenericMaterial] Param auto 'texture_hammersley' unknown.
[GenericMaterial] Creation of the shader pbr-metal-rough failed

Well i figured it out the second after uploading this topic..

I simply had to re-select the pbr-metal-rough shader in the Shader settings window (it showed pbr-metal-rough (outdated) before re-selecting it).