Author Topic: Tile Sampler Tiling overlap with multiple inputs  (Read 2497 times)

Hi, i am trying to create an overlapping tile with multiple inputs. But the tile sampler is not doing it correctly. How can i do this?

The new Shape Splatter nodes may be of help. They have been added to the latest release, and let you do height aware splatter of shapes.

Another way would be to use a Tile Sampler Grayscale to make a heightmap of the leaves, and then apply the color afterwards (which in my opinion is the wrong way round, but because of the way Designer works this is the way things needs to be done).

Thanks i will try the new node.

Didnt know enough of the new node to make sense of it.  :-\

Tried the FX-map but it had the same weird issue of tiling the first input first(quadrant) before the second one.

Made this lastly. It worked but lacked the full randomization.