Author Topic: Your opinion: Need of tutorials?  (Read 479 times)

Hey there,
I have started to upload speed designs of Substance Painter projects to my Youtube channel and wondered if people rather want to see tutorials than speed designs. 

What´s your opinion?
Would you rather watch tutorials with spoken instructions or those with text? Or are you ok with monitoring what the artist is doing in the layer stack?

I`m curious about your opinon!

I think it depends on the audience you're making the tutorials for. If its for beginners, I think spoken instructions are needed. I remember trying to learn Designer and it was miserable trying to follow along with a silent tutorial. Speed designs are great for everyone else.

One thing lacking in a lot of tutorials is explanation as to why each step is taken. I remember watching Designer and Painter tutorials where they say "add this node and connect it to here, with these settings" which is fine if you're trying to copy them, but it doesn't teach anything.

Great videos by the way, hope you keep up the good work!

It's an interesting video, indeed! :D Great job!

For your question, it really depends upon what kind of people you're targeting, as jamesjwgallagher said. Beginners won't learn much from Speed workflows, because they lack fundamental understanding of the software (basic functionalities, shortcuts...) and need thorough explanations from an advanced/ expert user.
However, it might help them to quickly see what the software is capable of, and roughly get an idea of a specific workflow for a given model, which is still something pretty good!

For skilled people, it might help them to improve their workflows or to see how others are doing things, if they'll stumble upon this kind of videos. But it will drastically narrow down your audience.
In any case, a traditional tutorial with voiced explanations might be the most useful and target a broader audiance, but requires probably more work. Or you can still upload both for now and decide later where to put priorities, based on results (views, likes, comments & new subscribers)!