Author Topic: Can't publish parameter of 'Drop Down List' type?  (Read 2710 times)

I'm trying to publish a substance that uses the 'Shape' pattern generator from the library. The problem is, even though I expose the 'Pattern' parameter, which is a Drop Down List, it will not appear in the published version. (testing it in Substance Painter and Unity). Its other parameters (Tiling, Size) appear without problem..

In the graph, it appears to have been exposed and is present in the Input Parameters, but just not in the published version.

Should this work, or is there something extra requited for the Drop Down List type?


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As it is currently built (the different shapes actually switches the pattern inside an fxmap node), this parameter can't be dynamically changed once published to sbsar.

We'd have to change the way this graph is built to fix that (use a series of switch nodes). I add it to my todo list.

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Meanwhile, you can duplicate the "shape" node, and use a "Multi switch grayscale" (or color, it depends of your graph) to switch between the different shapes.
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Thanks for the solution :)