Author Topic: So im having issues with iray rendering?  (Read 1095 times)

Im having issues with iray rendering my scene. I switched the tdr delay and everything and yet its still having issues when i switch modes from painting to rendering. I am enclosing the mesh and .spp file. Ty for your help.                                            System specs                                                                                                                                                                                 nvidia gtx 1080ti founders edition 4790k i7 16gb of ram

What kind of isse are you experiencing exactly?

Switching between render or paint mode crashes the program if not taking an extremely long time to render the scene. They are all low poly for a game engine just alot of materials i am baking together. But when im also in paint mode its taking an eternity to show the material or add them even saving. Before the past 2 updates were fine then im unsure its nvidas most recent update or yours that keeps crashing it and if i should revert or what.

Is there any way i can send you screen shots of whats going on? cause i noticed when I got rid of the Tdr delay completely it loaded slightly better then when i got rid of the Tdr level it seemed to stay the same. But why is it eating my resources up soo badly Blender cycles doesn't even eat up that much resources. I know there different programs but i was using cycles as a comparison. I really do enjoy this product and just need help:/

Double and the triple-check your TDR registry settings.
Two of them.
If spelling and case-sensitivity is correct (I recommend copy-and-paste from the documentation), be sure there are no leading or trailing spaces.
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Sad part was i did i found the best method if it helps other people was to delete the tdr level. I know it might sound weird but when i didnt have it things ran smoother! Not quite at 100% still but its manageable.