Author Topic: Ancient Greek Shield (Aspis) Free Course - Blender, Substance Painter  (Read 8060 times)

Hello friends! I made my very first tutorial and I’d like to share it with you here.
It is a 3 part course where I create this asset from scratch, using Blender and Substance Painter:

Introduction -
Overview -
Reference -
Blender -
Substance -
Rendering -

Gumroad Package:

I welcome any feedback, so that I know what to improve next time! :)
Cheers, Martin
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I added a bonus to the Gumroad package! :-) Had a lot of fun creating various Hoplite shield textures, spartan lambda among them… All Substance textures of course.

You can get it with the tutorial: 1
Or here:

Awesome tutorial! How did you assign materials to objects in Blender that SP would recognizes as textureset? I assign three materials (blender render mode) to three objects, each with its own UV map. But SP only create one textureset...