Author Topic: Is there a way to change the default parent resolution of Player?  (Read 8513 times)

If you use presets embedded into the sbs/sbsar from designer, when you flip to new presets it your graph resets output size to default 512x512

Is there a way to lock this to 2k/4k while I'm working on presets and or exporting? It's very annoying to have to change that Output Size everytime I flip to a new preset (hundreds for this specific sbsar)

Is there way for player default output size to be changed? Thanks!

Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible.

Thats unfortunate, seems like an obvious problem in the UX of using presets.

Unfortunately I don't even see player in the user voice categories to submit this as a feature request.

I had the same question, this would be very helpful, 512 previews are not useful for evaluating materials that you might want to use and having to set a preset to manually switch every time is not efficient and a bit annoying.

Outside of some of the user options that appear to be missing, I love the fast, streamlined and easy way to view and export maps.

Can't wait to try Alchemist!!  It looks pretty amazing.

This is clearly a major shortcoming.
I can't think of any valid reason why you'd want to reset the output size when changing presets