Author Topic: Showing & Filtering Software Versions used for creating assets  (Read 4830 times)

I'm starting to notice this but with more and more files being uploaded to Substance Share and newer versions of Substance Designer and Substance Painter coming out, compatibility of these files are becoming a concern for me.

I know when you upload a file to the site, you can set what software and version it was created with (Substance Designer 5.6, Substance Painter 2017.1, etc.) However, this information isn't displayed on the file page where others can download and comment on it. Would start to become very annoying to download something awesome only to have it not open because you didn't know it wasn't compatible with the software version you have. Upgrading isn't always an option for everyone either, especially when working in a studio where files need to be compatible between machines.

Simply put, can this information actually be displayed so others can see it? An additional idea is to have a filter option so certian versions and lower are displayed. For example, anything made with Substance Designer 2017 or lower will only be visible as a filter option.

Just thought I would bring it up for consideration.