Author Topic: Can i use substance share for commrecial purpose ?  (Read 7804 times)

Simply say yes/no.

Yes, but you must credit the original author if you use the asset as is and you can't resell the asset, it has to be used as part of a lager project like a game, a movie or a VR experience for example.

what if i use for small project ?

still allowed ?

Yes, as long as it's not a simple pack of assets which would be equivalent to reselling the Share asset.

Just to be clear, if I create a still image of say an aircraft hanger using 20 different substance share textures, for sale as a stock image, I would have to credit all 20 creators on the stock image site...?


Wouldn't it make sense to add a checkbox when submitting a substance that gives the person that submits it to resign from that clause? I guess some Substance creators of course want to be credited while others are fine with their work being reused. My 2 cents.

It's one of the paths we are exploring for future updates to the service indeed.