Author Topic: UE4 Livelink - Custom Texture Export, File Structures, and Version Control  (Read 702 times)

Livelink is awesome and I really want to use it, however I'm seeing some big hurdles to jump through in order to get it integrated into a version controlled file structure, and to export textures for complex shaders.  I'm hoping there are some options available I'm not seeing to customize livelink export settings just like normal painter export, and to tell livelink to save source and uassets in a custom folder location.  Perhaps this is something possible with python? 

The file structure and source re-location isn't as critical as texture export settings and naming conventions however.  As it stands with the current exported textures, only basecolor and normals would be 1 to 1 in a shader.  And even then the textures would need to be renamed.  Can that renaming occur after the livelink asset initialization, or would it break texture linking?  Testing it just now appears to not break the link.  Is there any current livelink documentation centered around production implementation that might answer some of these questions?