Author Topic: Export bitmaps with parameters in its name  (Read 2029 times)

Hi, I´m new here, and were trying to find a way to export all the .PNG or other files from substance designer with a parameter in the filename.

For instance:
I have a parameter that is a drop-down list of ints, with two options (0 - Red, 1 - Blue).

I want to export all my material textures with $(graph) $(identifier) but also with my parameter in the filename, like:

$(graph) $(identifier) $(myParameter)

Where $(myParameter) will be replaced by the int number, (0, 1) or the text in the drop-down list (Red, Blue).

And the filename will be something like: MyGraph_difuse_Red or MyGraph_difuse_0

Any ideas?

Thanks guys and gals.

Yes! I am also looking for a way to include parameters in names. Is there a way to achieve that in Designer or Player yet? Its a shame to see power of designer be mitigated by it's lackluster exporting options.