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Hello, today I was working with substance painter a little, I have imported a number of new textures into substance painter, and after I did so substance painter crushed. I reloaded it, but every time I was opening textures tab in a shelf menu SP was crushing again(textures were sucesscully uploaded). Then after making a number of new attempts SP stopped launching at all. It just shows launch screen for a few seconds and then vanishes into nothing. I assumed it was because of textures, so I deleted them from shelf, it didn't help. I deleted and reinstalled SP from Steam completely several times, it didn't help either. I reinstalled SP from allegorithmic website, didn't help. I deleted SP preferences in the 'regedit' menu, it didn't help. So at this point I think I have completely clean SP on my PC and it doesn't launch at all and I can't make a log file(I uploaded some rubbish here instead, because it demanded it), because it doesn't even launch and it doesn't produce crash report.
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Even if Substance Painter crashes at launch, you can still retreive a log file:

Okay, I've added a log file.

Do previous versions launch correctly? If you try installing 2018.1 for example?

How do I get previous versions?
Oh, I found it.
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I installed 2018.1 version. It didn't launch either...

I looked into windows events. Looked into this particular error. It's shown in the applied file. It seems error is associated with Nvidia driver...

I still do not know what to do... help me!

Although substance forms say that 388.71 driver (which I had) is the best one to use, I tried to install the latest driver to see if it would help. It didn't help. I also noticed that the same thing happens with my Substance Designer. It doesn't launch either. So it seems all substance products don't want to launch on my PC... (They did before)

Could you check that none of these are running in the background?

I do have Kaspersky Internet Security, but, first of all, long time ago I have added substance painter into its exceptions list, so kaspersky doesn't block it, but just in case I tried to start SP with Kaspersky offline, it didn't help. Other softwares I don't have at all.
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Alright, could you try doing a full clean install of the Nvidia drivers? Aka uninstalling all Nvidia and Cuda drivers entirely, rebooting, then installing the Nvidia drivers from scratch again?
There may be something wrong with the Cuda driver, which is why it seems to sop working when Iray is loaded at startup.

I have performed a clean installation of 388.71 Nvidia drivers by clicking the "clean installation" option during installation process, it didn't help, SP still doesn't launch. I did reboot my PC. At least I suppose that's how clean installation is made.
I have also made a second attempt by deleting Nvidia Drivers from the programs list, rebooting and then installing Nvidia Driver 388.71 from scratch. It didn't help either.
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Here is a full application error log of SP:

Name of failed Application: Substance Painter.exe, version: 2018.2.1.0, time marker: 0x5b645cf0
Name of crushed module: nvcuda.dll, version:, time marker: 0x5a3449b2
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Error offset: 0x0000000000317665
ID of failed process: 0x3168
Launch time of crushed application: 0x01d0d1dbda2c7290
Path to crushed application: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Substance Painter 2018\Substance Painter.exe
Path to crushed module: C:\WINDOWS\system32\nvcuda.dll
Report ID: 2f914d9c-a893-40e4-be83-8af0b8d69596
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Could you try deleting the Iray folder in the install folder of Painter and launching the tool again?
By default it should be in C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\PlugIns\