Author Topic: I need some Help for a "chalet" stone wall material  (Read 307 times)


Hi Guys,
I'm a very beginner in S. Designer , and I need help for a project. I have to create a stone wall material like the above picture.
I tried different ways to do it (using tile generator) but I'm not satisfied.
I also tried to start based on the tutorial found in the intermediate course , and the result goes like this:

Not really convincing ...

The stone shapes are too regular, I need more variations. The subtility is that they are all cut stones assembled.

How can I do ?

Thanks a lot,


hey for the assembly, I think you are close to what-what SD can propose.

for the look, it's indeed a bit flat for now. Don't hesitate to take a look at the new floodfill + floodfill to gradient node to add some variety
+ there are good tutos online as well:

I know this sounds a tad counter intuitive, but if you check out the "aged wood planks" tutorial, the bit at the start could just as easily be applied to distressing bricks as wood, which ends up weathering the edges of the bricks, (planks), to make them more random and adding surface variation.

Thanks guys for your replies.