Author Topic: Some questions about substance indie and substance database  (Read 1292 times)

I bought the substance pack on steam sometime last year and believed I was getting the full software. However I have since learned that what I bought appears to be the "indie" version of these software (though in my steam library it's now called "substance painter 2018"). What exactly is the difference between the indie version and the "full" version? Does the full version offer anything extra? I hear it's possible to buy some kind of subscription for 60 dollars a month but what is this subscription for? Extra features? Free substances?

Ditto questions for substance designer.

My understanding is, Indie just refers to the fact you are an individual, but the software is the same. I dunno about a $60/month subs, $19.90 gets you access to source, which is the whole software suite plus assets.

The Indie version is the same as the pro version. The only difference is in the licensing terms, an person or company making more than $100,000/year in revenue has to purchase the Pro version.

As Colkaih said, there is a $19.99/month subscription that includes all the tools + access to Substance Source for Indies and the Pro subscription is $99/month.

Ah thanks that explains it. 20$ a month doesn't sound like much for thousands of textures. If I subscribe will these materials just appear automatically inside of painter? Or do I need to get them differently?

You will be able to download 30 materials per month (unused downloads roll over). YOu can either download them on the Source website or through the Source plugin directly in Substance Painter.