Author Topic: Video memory or ram in preference?  (Read 1367 times)

Im about to buy gtx 1060 and wonder which is better: with 3gb of memory or with 6gb. Should i buy 3gb version and some ram or just 6gb will be better?
P.S. i already have 16gb


System ram and video ram are 2 different animals. If you can comfortably afford the 6GB 1060 I would definitely go for the 3 extra GB of VRam - as you can't just add to it like you can with system ram.


I understand it, because of it im asking this question. If video memory is not so necessary in SD then i will save some money buying 3gb version

Vram is very important in both SD and SP.

Hey, VRAM can be important, especially if you work with big textures sizes.

so, to clarify, should i buy 6gb version instead of additional ram?

yes I would do so

thanks for the answer, Vincent  :D