Author Topic: Light Node - Translation, Attenuation and Cone  (Read 304 times)

It would be fantastic to be able to set the location of the "light source" with this node. I have a stone lamp that I want to create a mask for soot and I was hoping to be able to place the source location where the flame would be.
I am sure Painter can do this but I'm a few months away from affording Painter :) ;)
Maybe there's a way to do this if I properly combine bottom to top and light or some other way completely but I haven't figured out a work around yet.

Hey, I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve.
Did you have a look at the panorama shape node?:

Hi I guess I need to manually set notifications for replies on this forum so your reply went unseen.
I have seen that node but it's not what I'm looking for.
I want to have a location and vector based origin for a mask.
I'd like to set something like a spotlight in a specific location in relation to the mesh, aim it and then take the facing ratio of the rays as they cast on the geometry to create a mask.