Author Topic: SSS color and Channel Adding question  (Read 1200 times)

I'm referring to the latest Substance Painter update from today, numbered 2018.2.1-2402. Let me first say that I am extremely happy with the new features added, like the visual shifting of fill layers, non-square alphas, and especially the SSS feature.

However I have two little questions:

1. In the shader settings, the SSS color set there applies for ALL textures in my project equally. Shouldn't I be able to set individual colors for SSS for different texture sets, and there also be able to use masking in a layer stack to treat i.e. UV islands differently (like i.e. teeth, skin, hair)?

2. When I add a scattering channel to a material, the channel is added for all existing layers in that material, which is fine.
However, while it is normally added but de-activated (which I think is the desired alternative), it is however ACTIVATED for ALL filters which exist in any layers in this texture's material layer stack. Is this probably a bug? Because I find it disturbing, after adding a 'scattering' channel to a texture domain, to subsequently go through the entire layer stack and search for any FILTERS where 'scat' channel has been added AND ACTIVATED, and de-activate all of those manually?

Thank you for some advice, am I missing something?

Glad you like the update.

1. To set a different color per texture set, in the texture set list, make sure to create a new shader instance for each texture set on which you want a different setting. By default the same shader is shared by all the texture sets.

2. That's a global behavior. Any channel you add after the fact will be automatically added to the filters, it's something we want to fix at some point.

Thank you Jeremie. I now found also the new video tutorial on the use of SSS (it wasn't yet there when I posted my questions last night), which also shows how to do this. Am very happy with this new feature :-)

The other issue, where the scat channel is automatically enabled in any filter in the current layer stack, this can at least be manually corrected afterwards, only we need to be aware of this. So not a big problem for now. I didn't even notice a visible effect from this, it just doesn't feel right to have the added scat channel enabled in all the existing filters in the stack, even if they have nothing to do at all with the SSS properties of my materials.