Author Topic: Bakers calculating vertex normals even though present in the mesh?  (Read 477 times)

Hi, recently I was using an FBX mesh with vertex colors but no vertex normals. I baked into SD and had no problem. I baked into another software and the bake was completely off. I concluded that this other baker needed vertex normals part of the mesh definition in order to work, and that SD was not needing this, so was probably calculating this information. If this is correct, then what about getting the vertex normal from the mesh instead of calculating it? Could this lead to a significant performance boost for bakes? Does this make sense?

Hey, not sure to understand the case usage of doing this.
Could you explain what you would do with this normal info?

Don't you need the vertex normal information of the high-poly mesh for the various bakes? If so are you calculating them or are you getting them from the mesh description if present (as this can be the case in fbx)? If you are calculating them, why not taking them from the mesh information instead if they are present? Would that save bake time for very high-poly meshes (50+ million polys)?
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We use the normals from the mesh when they are in the mesh file, and we only calculate them when they are not.

Ok thanks, so you are already doing the best that can be done!