Author Topic: Substance Material from Source fail to load  (Read 712 times)

Hey guys, I just download the Pebbly Ground material from Substance Source, I copied the file in Documents/Allegorithmic/SubstancePainter/shelf/materials but when I load Substance painter, it tells me : 

"[SubstanceResource] Failed to load substance.
file:///C:/Users/Username/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf/materials/pebbly_ground.sbsar"

It's weird because I always do that and it always work. I'm using 2018.1.0 version, maybe I need the last update ?

I have just updated to the 2018.2, but I loaded that preset into my SP no problem with 2018.1.3, granted though, i did it via the import button on the shelf.