Author Topic: Cataphote Rear Double Triangle (Bug)  (Read 2057 times)

Hello, I'm using substance source from my company account. I downloaded "Cataphote Rear Double Triangle" file from link. But 2D Preview and 3D Preview's are different. How can fix it. Other buged files:
Cataphote Rear Reflector Triangle -
Cataphote Rear Reflector Wave -
Cataphote Rear Wave Dents -
Cataphote Side Reflector Hexagon -
Cataphote Side Reflector Stripes -

This file is the same type that buged ones but its working.
Cataphote Side Reflector Cube -

Hi Garyosavan,

The assets are set up to be used in a renderer which supports the MDL format, such as Iray.
In those materials the normal does not exist in the sbsar, which is why it does not appear in the 3D preview.

However, if you want to use those materials in real time it is possible to put the normal back in the sbsar, a parameter has been created for this (Cataphote In Normal). You just have to put it from 0 to 1.
You can see where this is in the attached screenshot, in Substance Player.

It is actually the material with the normal visible in the 3D preview which has a bug as this parameter should not be on by default.

I hope this answered your question!
PO @ Allegorithmic