Author Topic: Using Substance Painter to paint clothes  (Read 3819 times)

A lot of examples I see with Substance Painter are related to robots or weapons. My friend is interested with it, but she is doing clothing with Marvelous Designer. So she rather need fabrics like wool, silk, ... to paint on them. She normally uses Photoshop to do that. Would Substance Painter help her for this kind of work ? If yes , how ? I'm sorry if my question seems naive, but I'm a total newby in the 3D field :)

Thank you

To paint clothes, you would need some base values. In painter, you can start with a fill layer for the shirt using a high roughness and low to mid specular, but you would need a cloth shader in your app. For silk, you could set it up using a metallic fill layer and a high roughness
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