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First time trying SP, and here is my struggle...

I made a helmet (Blender) contains two objects

Each has its own material assigned but shares one UV map

When I import the helmet as FBX file, I got two problems

First is that UV is completely broken. There was a guy with the same problem, and he solved it by updating the SP.
The problem is I already have up to date version.

The second is that one object is missing UV

Help would be appreciated.

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I'd re-check that in Blender, as far as I know, SP only reads the UV's from the FBX file, doesn't do anything to them. That looks a lot like some geometry hsa been hidden and so not included in the UV. That laso may explain your other issue.

If you want to post the blend file, I could take a look.

First of all, if both objects share the same UV, they should share the same texture set (1 material) in Substance Painter to avoid the pain of manually merging the 2 texture sets at the end.
For the UV thing, make sure your UV in both case fits in the [0,1] UV space and that no vertex touches the side of that UV space.

I am now trying with only one object and the problem still persists

I try again with larger UV margin so no island is touching each other nor any of them is touching the edge of the map

I also try a completely different unwrap

When the FBX is imported, the UV is still a mess and it is no where resemble my new unwrap.

In fact, UV displayed doesn't even change. It looks like SP keep loading the same UV map?

Note that I actually have corrected UV displayed on the very first I import the file, now it doesn't even work with single object.
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I think I got it.

It is something to due with Texture Atlas add-on in Blender keeping the same UV info.

Thank for the help.