Author Topic: Baking Error: Match by Mesh Name + Multiple Cages + Multiple Texture Sets  (Read 1396 times)

I tried baking normals for an aseet with multiple meshes split across 3 texture sets. I had to use cages to avoid some artifacts. When I baked inside Painter with "Match by Mesh Name" enabled the first texture set came out correct, but the other two have the first set's normal and each others normals overlapping its normal.

I tried baking the sets one at a time, but the error is still there.

However, when I turn the cages off the baking came out all right (albeit the artifacts I was trying to avoid).

Does having multiple cages somehow confuse Painter? Will there be a feature in the future where multiple cages are matched with the low-poly and the high-poly by name as well?

In the end I had to create 3 different versions of the low-poly and cages for baking. In each version the UVs for the other two texture sets were moved outside of the 0 to 1 UV space.

Is there a faster way of doing this?

Currently the Match by Name function cannot work with cages.
We would need to add a system where cage meshes can bew matched as well.

Good to know. Thanks for the reply, Jeremie.