Author Topic: iRay normal map problem on round edges  (Read 1189 times)


I baked a normal map from a highpoly, that has beveld/rounded edges. The lowpoly has just a hard, sharp edge.
Now, in the Painter viewport the lowpoly looks like the highpoly, aka edges are smooth and rounded without any
errors or "black lines" on the very edges.

when switching to iRay mode, all edges get visible seams, "black lines" on the edges and are not rendered round anymore.

is this a common issue and can it be avoided / corrected?


Which build are you using? Could you attach a log file please?

I still use Painter 2017.3.3 (waiting for a Sale to upgrade)  ;) I am not sure about the log-file. I don´t think, I got any errors, but will check it.

Ha indeed this is an issue with our MDLs that got fixed in a more recent build.
Can you try copying this folder in your C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\resources folder?

Sorry, I was using Painter 2.6.3, not 2017 when this issue arises!

Should I still use this fix?

Thanks Jeremie !

The fix should still work I think.

Sorry for the confusion - the problem arised on a Painter 2.6.3 project (that I have no access to anymore). I tried something similar in the 2017.3.3 release and did not get this issue. But like I said, it was not the exact same project, so .... Do I need to install this fix for Painter 2017.3.3 or is it not neccessary, because 2017 brings the fix "out of the box"?

I dont want to try and destroy my Painter, this is, why I ask !

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The fix was added in Painter 2018, so 2017.x will still need the manual fix.
If anything breaks, simply reinstalling Substance Painter should replace the modified files.

Thanks - I installed it and Painter still works - so I think it all went o.k. ;)