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TSC is a program I created that automates the process of combining texture sets exported from Substance Painter. It's a standalone executable (no installation required). I created it to speed up my own personal Painter workflow and make texture sets more usable, but I hope other artists will find it useful as well!
-Christen Abma

Gumroad link (free):


Artstation link:

Thanks so much for this handy utility, I just grabbed it and it works great!

Incredible that we had to wait for a user to give us an answer on one of the most requested features of Substance.

Substance really dropped the ball on this one.

If it's this easy, why doesn't Adobe hack a quick and dirty internal script to combine the maps together while we wait for better overall solution.
It's long overdue.

Great Resource for new user in the field of painting :)

Excelente trabajo!! Muchisimas gracías.

Just me or does this not really work? A lot of the channels that Painter exports are filled with a black background, and no matter what I try this tool will not see that as transparent so the result is a completely black image.

Apparently it doesn't work with Substance 1.x. Works fine with 2020, though.
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Doesnt work

Doesnt work

It does work. Several artists I know use this program and I've also helped many people use it to merge their sets. If it doesn't work for you then you'll have to provide more details beyond "doesn't work".
I teach people how to use Substance Painter. :)

I just tried but it doesn't work for me and I dunno why?

-I am trying to merge textures which are: 1-Diffuse (base color)
                                                            2- Specular
                                                            4-Normal map
                                                            5-Alpha if needed to make ( Lace )

It's worth mentioning that I am doing this for mesh clothes which is really not in need to have too many textures in 1 fill layer.
Moreover, I need to know how to make glossy effect or to give my clothes that look of shining a little bitm not too much really just need it to be shining a little bit cause it looks better that way in the game engine I am uploading to!

Your help is highly appreciated!

Hi, i am using it but i can't manage to make it work. I am setting as requested in painter:
Settings tab:
template: document channels + normal + AO with alpha
type png 8 bits
Padding dilation + transparent
not exporting shaders parameters

I guess in texture set combiner the mesh name can be whatever right? Thank you!

begin merge what is next step to save combined textures

I just get one color results. 

This is such a useful tool, but does it have support for 16 or 32 bit textures? It always compresses mine down to 8 bit.