Author Topic: Free Painter Resource: 'Texture Set Combiner'  (Read 8335 times)

TSC is a program I created that automates the process of combining texture sets exported from Substance Painter. It's a standalone executable (no installation required). I created it to speed up my own personal Painter workflow and make texture sets more usable, but I hope other artists will find it useful as well!
-Christen Abma

Gumroad link (free):


Artstation link:

Thanks so much for this handy utility, I just grabbed it and it works great!

Incredible that we had to wait for a user to give us an answer on one of the most requested features of Substance.

Substance really dropped the ball on this one.

If it's this easy, why doesn't Adobe hack a quick and dirty internal script to combine the maps together while we wait for better overall solution.
It's long overdue.

Great Resource for new user in the field of painting :)

Excelente trabajo!! Muchisimas gracías.