Author Topic: Recommended Driver for Painter?  (Read 1157 times)


Is the recommended driver for Substance Painter with 1080 ti still the one in this pinned thread at the top of Product Support?,22711.0.html

It is driver number 388.71
I have installed this driver, but then when I start painter it gives me a warning that my driver is out of date and I should update it.

I changed from a newer driver as I am getting a lot of freezes when doing different tasks. Such as painting in a mask, swapping to a different texture set, copying layers, changing resolution of texture set (from 4096 to 2048). I then have to end the process from task manager. These freezes could be quite far apart though and not repeatable.

The last large project I worked on in Painter it was a 2017 version and didnt crash/  freeze at all with more textures sets. I have tried 2018.1.3 and am now trying 2018.1.2 just as a test


Edit: Just to add after using the 388.71 drivers for the last few hours I have had no problems so far
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Yes we currently still consider the 388.x series to be the most stable.

Thats great thanks for the info!

I have no doubt you guys are working on the problem, but man this is nuts. Many of us really need to be running the latest drivers for use with our other apps. Can you at least shed some light on WHY this is the case?