Author Topic: Photoshop export error - Photoshopscript.jsx in "w" mode  (Read 667 times)

Hey guys,

It looks like sometime, when I'm trying to export some texture to photoshop, I ends up with this error:

Can't open file : " ..... ". PhotoShopScript.jsx in "W" mode

Looks like the files are properly exported ( I can see them in my folder ), but then, it refuse to open and reorganize them in photoshop automatically.
That's strange, as things where working before ( I ve already exported this same file yesterday), and nothing has changed except that I worked a bit more on the same file.

Any idea of what this "W" mode error means ?


In order to generate the PSD file, we create a script (*.jsx) that we run via Photoshop. This scripts combine the exported textures into the PSD document. Somehow the export plugin is unable to get access to the script file to write its content and therefor fail to generate the final PSD document.
Can you try to remove the "Photoshopscript.jsx" in your export folder and try again ?
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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