Author Topic: Substance Designer too much slow (low cpu, gpu & memory usage)  (Read 825 times)

I wonder why SP can become so slow (some times even when I'm using only one material that runs o.k. in Substance Desinger)... Some times the red bar takes ages to fill... What is weird, is that CPU, GPU & memory are around 50% on usage...

(4790k, GTX1080, 16 Gb, windows 10, SP 2017.3).

Someone else having this issues?

It really depends on the project you are working on and the assets in the layer stack, it's hard to say like that.

Thanks por the quick reply!

Yes, I understand that... The point is that I would espect to see the GPU or CPU at 100% , or the memory filled... what is weird is why all of them are around 50% when that happen...