Author Topic: Velvet Iridescent Problem  (Read 2935 times)

I downloaded the fabric material "Velvet Iridescent" from the Source, and imported it in substance painter. As I apply it to the painter, the iridescent effect seems not to appear at all, and even when I export the maps it seem it's not contained anywhere. So I was wondering:

- How do you activate iridescent effect in substance painter, if you can?
- How do you export the effect? What maps need to be generated/what maps might be missing?

Thanks in advance to anyone that might help me!

Hello Prov,

"Velvet Iridescent" has been created as a MDL material.
You will need an app that supports the MDL format to read this material in the way it has been created and to have it appear in the same way it appears in Substance Source/Designer.
You can find the list of the compatible applications here:
Unfortunately Substance Painter does not support the MDL material format at the moment.

To have the same iridescent effect as the preview on Substance Source please download the ".sbs" file on Substance Source and open it in Substance Designer.
The template will be already connected and customized for this material.
PO @ Allegorithmic