Author Topic: Odd UV positions  (Read 1167 times)

I have a problem with this specific asset and the UV positions when exporting from Blender to Substance Painter. The object has one material called "fluting", and the object is assigned to a texture set called "fluting". In blender the UV's look like the first, but when I import the 3D object as an .fbx into substance the UV's look like the second. Can anyone help me out. I've had this problem before with another object, but for the most part this rarely happens.

I suspect this is more of a Blender issue than an SD one (or SP in this case) but I think I can help you out anyway.

I susupect that in Blender, your file has more than one UVMap stored in memory, and the one that Blender is set to isn't the same one as what Substance Painter is reading by default. I would suggest looking for this extra UV map, and deleting the one you don't want.

In Blender you can do this by going to the Object Data tab of the Properties window (its icon is three verts connected by edges into an upside-down triangle) and scrolling to the section called UV Maps. If my guess is right, there will be at least two. Figure out which one you want to get rid of by clicking on it and seeing the effect in the Uvs/Image window, and using the - button to delete it.

This should make everything consistent.
If this Wasn't the problem, maybe some screenshots of object settings could shed more light, but this is my best guess for now.