Author Topic: Histogram broken?  (Read 881 times)

Compared to Photoshop, the histogram in the Levels node doesn't show any useful information: it's mostly a flat line. See attachment.

It would be nice if the scaling of the Y-axis would be so that it has useful information (ie. ignore the very largest peak so that the rest of the histogram is scaled bigger).

Being able to read the histogram is good when I want to know if my levels node is clipping the output for example.


Which version are you working with ?

We corrected a misbehavior in the latest version (2018.2.0) as you can see in our release note :
[2D View] Histogram computation not working with 16F nodes

If your issue is different, please give me more information about your current setup.

Thank you  :)
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I'm using 2018.2 build 149. The histogram is pretty much the same for 8-bit and 16-bit nodes

It could very well be that the histogram is an accurate display of the distribution of the values. But because images often have  a lot of black or white values, this crushes the Y axis too much.

Photoshop is doing some kind of adjustment for this to keep the histogram readable. Please see the attachment: the value for black and the next lighter value (dark gray) have the same height in the histogram, despite the black area being much larger in size.