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I love your system of presets I can create with all my parameters values, but when my substance have more than 50 or 60 parameters, it became such an hustle to pin all the parameters one by one when I want to create presets.
I think a "Pin All"  would be a great Idea.


PS: out of topic, just a little remark about a bug with the new flood fill node : the Dock (D) doesn't works with that node.

Hey, when you say pin, do you want to say "expose"? if so, you can do right click/expose parameters, and and select multiple at once.

Sorry if I wasn't very clear.
I mean, once many parameters are already exposed, in the Input Parameters menu I can see a lit of all my parameters, but when I want to create a preset I need to pin one by one every parameter exposed.

I would very much like this as well. Substance player has this nice button to pin all parameters when creating presets. No such thing in Designer.
What's equally annoying is when you add a new parameter and have to update all your presets, which is a massive pain where the light don't shine when different presets have different parameters pinned to them.
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I would say the hole system of exposing parameters , pins, presets  etc is a huge pain in ....  Why couldn't it be just instancing like in 3d max , "cloning" a node + "make unique" for some necessary parameter only    or something.  Plus having a visual clue in the nod tree, some visual indication. Not a thing you have to figure out in your own files after some time.
Imo SD  way to do it is most tiresome and puzzling one  ever created  or maybe after years  I still don't understand its merits.

I believe SD could be a mass market  image editing soft not for games only if it wouldn't be so puzzling and so tremendously inconvenient in its every part,  so prone for a slightest user mistake.  Even Houdini became finally  a soft for human beings, why not SD.
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