Author Topic: "No valid license available for this account" message  (Read 30488 times)


We made some changes in the activation system for security purpose, and this unfortunately led to the following message for some users when trying to activate the software "No valid license available for this account".

The easy way to fix it is to erase your email/password on the activation screen, and type them again.
If that doesn't solve it, the next step is to change your password of your Allegorithmic account.

Head of Product Management

Does this change mean that using Windows Env variables for pointing at a Floating license file is no longer a valid method of Licensing?

I've just tried a test deploy of Painter 2018.2.3 on Win 10, but it's prompting me for License on opening. I've confirmed the Env Variable for Substance Paint is unchanged from what previously worked.

This method still works.

If it's prompting you for a license, there can be several reasons:
- make sure your license covers the 2018.2 version (you can check on your account if the maintenance covers this version)
- there can be an error in the set-up of the variable

Head of Product Management

I have tried changing the password, have entered all details again but still unable to authenticate. I have also checked that my license covers 2018.2

This is only happening with Substance Designer though not Painter.
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Best to contact them directly on something like this. :),23932.0.html

Good luck

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Hi, Im getting this message, none of the solutions have worked and it appears as though I have no licenses or subscriptions listed on my acct despite still being charged for them monthly?