Author Topic: Substance Designer 'Mesh AO' node for use in Automation  (Read 814 times)


Sorry for the basic question, I am just getting started with Designer. We are trying to automate a smart material from SP into the automation toolkit, and so are recreating the material in Designer.

I am struggling to find the node which allows me to say "Get the AO Texture" similar to painter. I have found the AO node in Designer but I'm not sure this is the same thing?

Any help appreciated!

Edit: I created a test case and it seems the Generator nodes like "Dirt" will implicitly use the baked maps in painter. Hopefully this will help anyone searching the forums in future.
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Hey, you have to bake your A from your mesh (this process can be automated in SAT), and then add an input to your graph that will receive the AO

Thanks for that Vincent.

Ignoring automation for now, how do you create an 'input' in substance designer that will then automatically use the baked Mesh textures when used in substance painter?


When creating a new graph, choose 'Substance filter with Additional maps': you will have all the possible inputs, properly set to work with SP. You can also create them from zero, but in this template, they are ready to go :)