Author Topic: Substance Designer 2018.1 on Centos 6.4  (Read 412 times)

I am a part of a studio, currently running linux centos 6.4 and we are working on substance painter and designer 2018.1. Substance painter works fine for the most part but our systems keep freezing or rebooting randomly while we are switch texture sets or while exporting maps, at times its a random reboot. In case of substance designer, we are facing multiple stability issues like frequent system black outs and reboots and software crashes while doing simple tasks like changing height values or disconnecting nodes even when the files isnt heavy and using 1k resolution etc making it almost impossible to work with. I have checked the website and it shows cento 6.6 in the minimum requirements but i wanted your consultation on these issues about how we might go about solving them without updating our OS if at all possible. Our system configs is: Xeon E5620, 32GB ram, GTX 1070 8GB running on driver version 390. please help.

Maybe caused by the driver version. Please see this post :,22711.0.html