Author Topic: Ambient Oclussion baking problem  (Read 1876 times)

Hey guys! I'm having a problem with baking ambient occlusion maps in Substance Painter, it only seems to work correctly when I specify a high resolution mesh. If I don't do this then the projection isn't alligned correctly to the uv's. This is what I did:

1. New project
2. Paint details
3. Export normal map
4. Reimport normal map
5. Replace the baked normal map with the new one
6. Remove all bakes except Curvature and AO
7. Rebake

This is what's happening:

This is how the bake looks if I use a high resolution mesh instead of the supplied normal map

The curvature map bakes just fine tho!

I thought, that the ambient occlusion baker requires a high poly to bake (like all the channels with that little mesh symbol)

that's why I am surprised, that you are getting any AO baking result at all without a highpoly
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That's a bug. Thanks for reporting it. It should be fixed in the next release of Substance Painter.
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@michael_11 Well, I am following a course on pbr game asset workflow and the instructor does it this way, without a problem :P

@Cyrille Damez Okay! Can't wait for the release :)

so does this mean, that it's possible to create the ao from the normal map?